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I-80 Preview

Oct 28, 2021

On the eve of All Hallows’ Eve, Nebraska football will take on Purdue and try to keep its 2021 from being just another scary story. What do the Huskers have to do to flip their fate? Scott Frost said this week it might be as much “psychological” as anything, but stopping Purdue’s passing game and finding some...

Oct 14, 2021

Gophers can wreck a farm if you’re not prepared. How does Nebraska avoid that fate on Saturday at Minnesota? Hail Varsity managing editor Brandon Vogel identifies some key players and key aspects of the game that would have the Huskers head into their bye week with a win.

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Oct 7, 2021

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh watched Nebraska’s win over Northwestern and said he saw a “team hitting their stride.” Have the Huskers turned a corner? Are they ready to knock off a top-10 Wolverines team in Lincoln? Hail Varsity managing editor breaks down that and more in the latest episode.

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